The Second Beast (Dead Man’s Tale Book 2)

Michael knew the end of the world was coming.
He just thought he’d have more time.

Three months after coming back as Seattle’s newest grim reaper, Michael’s life-after-death has settled into a routine—collecting souls that refuse to cross over; hanging out with the succubus across the hall; and trading insults with his obnoxious roommate, a talking black cat named Elliott.

But when his nightmares return, giving him terrifying glimpses of the impending apocalypse, all hell breaks loose.

Now he’s got a wailing ghost that won’t let him sleep, a pack of angry werewolves hunting him through the city, and a meddlesome goddess twisting his fate into knots—along with the fates of the women he loves.

And that’s just the first day.

Michael Reaper has never considered himself a hero, but the world’s future rests on his leather-clad, scythe-wielding shoulders—and he’s starting to realize that saving the world might depend on whether he’s willing to do the right thing when it really counts…

No matter the cost.

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