Baby One Last Time: Agents of HEAT Book Romantic Suspense

I used to bring down bad guys for a living. Now I set up lawn ornaments. Just when I thought my life couldn’t get any worse…

My last performance review said it all: Unwilling to work on a team. Insubordinate to leadership. Quick to use excessive tranquilizers on targets. Now I’ve been expelled from HEAT, the off-the-books, secret agency that was—for one glorious year—my home. And I’d do anything to get back in the game.

Anything except work with Derek Wilder again.

But when my tall, dark, and diabolical ex-partner shows up and offers me a chance to redeem myself, it turns out I’ll even do that. I take his bait, agree to a soul-crushing code of conduct, and set out to prove I’m still agency material. There’s just the small problem of dealing with low-life thugs without killing them, and the huge one of working with my sexy ex without falling for him.

A stand-alone novel, no cliffhangers.

Baby One Last Time is book 1 in the Agents of HEAT series: light-hearted romantic suspense with a shot of action & adventure, a dash of snark, and a twist of fun. You won’t want to miss a minute of these exciting new romances about smokin’ hot, off-the-books secret agents who work hard and play harder.

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