Masterpiece Package

Masterpiece Package is intended for authors looking for original illustrations with options for merchandising sales (posters, t-shirts, etc).

Best suited for original character designs, fantasy and spec fic genres and for any author looking for a never-before-seen look to stand out in a crowded marketplace, the artwork created with this package has unlimited potential, and can be reused to create additional revenue streams that aren’t possible with artwork encapsulating commercial stock photography. (additional licensing costs may apply, please consult the artist for details).

• High resolution cover artwork optimized for industry-standard vendors
• Medium resolution cover artwork optimized for website promotion
• Thumbnail cover artwork optimized for catalogue and small advertisements

Bonus Audio Book cover 
Bonus Title graphic for you book
Bonus Horizontal sliver graphic ( artwork only)
• Front cover extension into spine/back
• Correct sizing of spine/back dimensions
• Professional type setting for back copy text

When I first approached Fiona Jayde Media for cover design services, I thought I knew what my book needed and was fairly nervous to hand it off to another creative. However, not long into her collaborative process, it was readily apparent that House of Bastiion belonged in her hands all along. Fiona works like a ying yang, filling the gaps of your imagination, flattering what you already see and defining what you cannot. Somehow, she took my spastic ramblings and compressed them into a diamond, adding just the right amount of pressure when needed to ensure the only outcome possible was the arresting beauty now seated on the cover on my novel. In truth, my success can only be attributed to Fiona’s, as her artwork was the linchpin of my marketing campaign. Were it not for her ingenuity, diligence, and touch of wizardry, no one would have given House of Bastiion a second look. Standing before the roar of applause and admiration for her masterpiece, I certainly hope my pages do it justice.

-K.L. Kolarich, author of House of Bastiion (The Haidren Legacy series)

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