Digital Promo Pack

Digital Promo Pack: $100

AuthorAdvertising Package

What you get

  • 1 Background image to use in your website background or other promotional materials
  • 1 Advertising graphic with a call to action button
  • 1 Vertical banner ad with an optional call to action button
  • A choice of tablet or print book 3d graphic
  • 2 “meme” graphics with a quote (provided by you) from your book
  • 1 horizontal banner (can be used for email signature)
  • 1 large horizontal advertising banner
  • 1 facebook timeline graphic
  • 1 facebook avatar graphic
  • price: $100

Why do I need this?

Digital assets with your book cover take away the stress and time needed to create promotional and marketing materials. With these digital assets you can start your book promotional campaign in style and confidence that all your marketing has the same sleek and professional style as your cover.

You can use these assets on your social media profiles, advertisements, and email signatures. Let the world know about your book!

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