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Something about Mary

Mary Harris had a magical childhood in England and Germany, then she and her family returned to Wisconsin.

A graduate of University of Wisconsin/Madison and of Mallinckrodt College, Chicago, Illinois, she now lives in Chicago with her husband, children, and grandchildren.

maryMary is also a freelance writer in fiction and non-fiction, and a screenwriter. Her main mantra is, “It’s all about the story.” Presently, she is Co-Executive Editor for Hidden Thoughts Press; Senior Editor, Noble Romance LLC; editor, Curiosity Quills Press; Editor, Scribe Publicity; and Head of Development for Sunset Pictures, headquartered in Los Angeles, California.

She is also a passionate believer in the Oxford comma, but allows nothing to interrupt the flow of the story.


Edits Include

Proofing for typos and grammatical needs
Word coaching as needed
Character arc and timeline consistency
Line or copy editing: grammar, syntax, flow, and logical statements; consistency of details such as place spelling, character’s eye color, etc.
Developmental editing: Character and plot developments are logical within the author’s world; writing is clear and concise; no loose ends; all or almost all questions developed throughout the book and answered in the conclusion
All editing done with Track Changes notes on a PC or a Mac
Email and/or phone calls with author to discuss and clarify edits (up to 2 hours)
Incorporation of author’s changes/clarifications/rewrites into the ms. in a clear manner
Final polish and Spellcheck

Free Preview and Advice!

“I would urge each author to send me the ms. first. I can take a quick look, then tell them what they need to do to “clean” it up, so that they end up paying a lower price.”

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