Fiona has done an exceptional job with my book covers. She is very friendly and professional. Her book cover prices are very competitive and affordable for indie authors on a budget. I highly recommend her! Thank you!”
R. M Prioleu Autho

Fiona was a pleasure to work with. Not only was she prompt and professional, but she was willing to be flexible with my desires and tweaked without complaining until I was happy with the final product. I highly recommend her and plan to use her for the rest of my series.
Leia Shaw Author

Tudor Reunion Tour is the fourth cover Fiona has designed for me. I love working with her! I always know whatever she comes up with will be fantastic and will make heads turn!
Jamie Salisbury Author

My book is a paranormal erotic romance that integrates vampires, historical elements, and a m/m/f love triangle. I needed a designer who really “got” the erotic elements and who could create a haunting atmosphere. Fiona did all this and more. Primarily what I was looking for in a cover designer was someone with the ability to collaborate. I had a lot of specific ideas and I wanted to have input from beginning to end. Most designers I have encountered are not open to this. But Fiona was amazing. She not only brought my vision to life, she made it more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. I can’t wait to have her start working on my next cover!
Grey Francis Review Of Bound to a Vampire

I highly recommend Fiona to anyone searching for an e-book cover. The communication with her was flawless and fast. On her site were pre-made covers and I found 3 which were exactly what I was looking for except for a couple of color changes which she made for me.
Lovers Willie and Luke is about love between 2 men of different colors during a zombie outbreak. The cover designed by Fiona is a near perfect reflection of what I was seeing in my mind when I was building and creating these characters. Thank you Fiona!


My books have been blessed with ten covers by Fiona Jayde. Her artwork never ceases to amaze me, and readers frequently comment on how their attention was first drawn to Fiona’s exquisite work. I can only hope to be the proud recipient of even more of her craftsmanship.
David Kentner/KevaD Author,

In the past year, Fiona Jayde has created eight covers for various projects I’ve been involved with through Noble Romance Publishing. I have yet to be disappointed with the quality or concept of any of her work, and I admire how she conveys the vision of the author and translates it into her covers. I would strongly recommend Ms. Jayde and her work to anyone seeking superior cover art!
J.S. Wayne Author
When I’ve only got a few seconds to draw the reader to my book, I need captivating graphics that support my title and strongly convey what the reader will experience. Fi isn’t afraid to create complex composites or venture into bold black and white imagery if that’s what is best. She’s knocked out seven covers for me so far. Each is wonderfully alluring, very professional, and consistent with Noble’s branding strategies. I love the results, and appreciate how hard she works to create the perfect cover for my perfect story.
Margie Church Erotic Romance Author