Cover Designs for Books, Podcasts, Products and More

Whether a book cover, podcast cover, course packaging or film poster, our proven marketing strategy ensures you will stand out from the crowd.
FJM motto? “Go Big or Go Home.”

Custom Illustration, Character Art and Digital Painting

From children’s books illustrations to character art and digital paintings, FJM can create beautiful supplemental artwork to showcase your creative world. Character cards, world maps, interior illustrations done in beautiful color or vintage line art, digital skies are the limit. 

Branding, Promotion and Multimedia Design

From author branding to digital and print promotional materials, business cards and giant standing banners designed to bring everyone to your signing table, FJM will create gorgeous marketing materials to showcase your work. Need motion graphics of a full video trailer? FJM got you covered.

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Latest work: Book Covers, Character Design, Concept Artwork and Promotional Materials

From Our Clients:

The results have been life-changing.

…The sell-through has been consistently high enough for so long that I now write full-time. I still can’t believe this is my job now. This financial investment in my business has paid for itself so many times over that I’ve lost count.

-Author Emigh Cannaday

In truth, my success can only be attributed to Fiona's,

.. as her artwork was the linchpin of my marketing campaign. Were it not for her ingenuity, diligence, and touch of wizardry, no one would have given House of Bastiion a second look…
-K.L. Kolarich, author of House of Bastiion (The Haidren Legacy series)

You deserve the praise for sure.

… I just needed to stand out more and my other covers were in no way cutting it. I’ve shared this new cover with everyone, by the way, and they are over the moon for it. People from my mailing list, Facebook fans, everyone. 

Author CJ Anaya