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Book Release Announcement Video

VideoRevealStudies have shown that video content is a great tool to engage with perspective readers. As an added bonus, social media sites give ranking preferences to video content over any other medium. While professional book trailer productions can be extremely expensive and may not bring a return on investment, a Book Cover Reveal video can bring you the best of both worlds: Budget friendly professionally produced video content inline with your book’s brand.

The Book Cover Reveal Video includes:

-Five frames of text content (Can include a review quote or a tagline)
-Your choice of cover format: Hardback, Paperback or Tablet
-A customized background image based on your cover
-Custom “title card” graphic based on your book’s title/author name graphic (this can include author website URL)
-Music choice from
-Two versions (Coming Soon and Just Released)

Please see samples below to see the exact setup of the book cover reveal video.
Customization requests will be considered on individual bases for a price estimate.
One revision request to existing template (text chance /color cast) is included in the price, and all requests deviating from the below samples would be considered customization requests.

Examples include

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