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Synopsis Review


A great book cover is designed for that first glance by a perspective reader. Once a reader chooses your book – either by clicking or by picking it up – they will go on to the back copy blurb. If a synopsis isn’t well crafted, a lot of readers will put down the book or get back to browsing.

A well crafted blurb is a crucial second step toward purchase.

Critique includes the following:

-Overall assessment (does it raise questions? Does it say who the book is about, what the conflict is, what the stakes are?)
-Keyword consult for Amazon search engine optimization
-Detailed “red pen” edits focusing on phrases/flow/clear visuals
-Two revisions

Critique does not include:

-Rewriting the synopsis
-Grammar/line edits

Fair Warning

This is hard work, but worth it in the end!

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