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How It Works

What does the print extension include?

The print extension takes your existing ebook or front cover (whether designed by FJM or not) and extends it into a print “wrap” by adding a spine and back.

We will need to know your preferred vendor (such as Create Space), pages of your print formatted manuscript, book size and what text (such as your book blurb or an author bio) you’d like on the back cover.

What is your revision/refund policy?

We aren’t happy until you are happy! If you don’t feel the print coverproposal meets your goals, or we aren’t clicking creatively, I am happy to return your deposit and will recommend other artists you may potentially connect better with.

What’s your turn around time?

Our turn around time is about two weeks after we are finished with the idea/brainstorming phase of the cover. Of course, the time depends on how fast we communicate and the complexity of your artwork.

Can I purchase an ebook cover now and later ask you to create a print cover for the book?

Yes, absolutely! I often advise my clients to do just that. They can get the e-book on the market quickly and then take care of the page count and other logistics to get their print book in order. Plus a new print release is another opportunity to market!

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