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Of Eggs and Baskets


The phrase to strike fear in a designer’s heart

Nothing douses an artist, designer or any sort of creative person in a cold shiver of dread then the phrase “Let me run this by my friends and family”. “But wait,” you say! “I need opinions from other people to see what I’m missing!” Yes, you do absolutely! But allow me to explain from a […]

To Print Or Not To Print? That’s a good question.

There’s nothing like holding your blood sweat and tears in your hands in the form of a printed book. There it is, a physical manifestation of countless hours of work, rejection, fears, praises and doubts. Some authors don’t think it is worth it. Some authors won’t write a book without putting it into print. And while every author must decide that question for him or herself, allow me to present the actual logistics of what is involved in creating a print book.