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Trickster’s Consort: Urban Fantasy Custom Cover


  • Name : Elizabeth Cooper
  • Category : Digital Canvas , Paranormal Covers
  • Date : 15.04.2019


Despite the best efforts of the djinn to keep me hidden, Set found me.
I sent him home with a knife in his face.

Doe he think he can break into my home, kill my best friend, and get away with it?
Maybe the old me would have let that slide, but I’m not her any more.

I’m not who he thinks I am, either.
I’m something different.

With Amos, Rhett, and Silas at my side I’m going to Duat.
I’m taking back what’s mine.
I’ll make him pay for every life he’s taken. Even if that means razing his world to the ground.

But let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

This is the concluding book in the Three Tricksters series.
Contains strong language and adult themes.

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