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The Voodoo Case: Paranormal Book Cover Design


  • Name : Elizabeth Cooper
  • Category : Paranormal Covers , Set The Scene
  • Date : 11.03.2019


A missing person, an evil entity, and New Orleans come together in this suspense filled thriller.

Is the government involved in yet another strange paranormal case? The shaman detective, Dan Johnston, and his son Jason, are asked to find Sam Bennett, who investigates paranormal activities for the government. But the government didn’t call the detectives. Sam’s wife, Ann, contacted them. For some reason, she doesn’t want anyone else involved, which puts Dan on alert.

When Dan and Jason get to New Orleans—the last place Sam was working—they find a peculiar situation already underway. Ann may not be exactly who she says she is. And an old psychic tries to protect her granddaughter from Dan and Jason, as well as Ann. Then the curator from the Voodoo Museum is murdered, the police show up, and Dan and Jason are forced to do their shaman work in the worst place possible—Jail.

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