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Rise of the River Man: A sci fi Horror Book cover design


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  • Date : 06.07.2018


Sci fi Horror book cover design

Sci fi Horror book cover design

The Rise of the River Man was quite a challenge: a book set in a world of the author’s Young Adult Dystopian Sci fi series, but targeted at readers of Sci Fi Horror. This cover is actually a rebrand: we initially had a “creature feature” design with her YA Dystopian branding and let’s just say the results weren’t thriller sales wise. The reviews for the book were great, the book simply wasn’t getting enough eyeballs from readers of the the book was written in – Sci fi Horror. A cover redesign solved the problem of connecting to the right audience and the steady uptake on sales proved this was the right course of action.

“I’m not a visual person. I live in my head with mostly dialogue running through my mind. That makes it almost impossible for me to choose the right book cover to target my audience and sell books. This is where the magic of Fiona Jayde Media comes into play.

I’ve worked with several designers and Fiona is the best. I give her a quick synopsis of my book and she comes back with a miracle. I have to admit that each time I get a new cover from her I’m as giddy as a kid on Christmas. She surpasses any idea that I may have had and creates something wonderful.

That’s not to say that we don’t tweak the first draft – font, color, etc – and Fiona is great about this too. She takes my suggestions and either implements them or tells me why she thinks they won’t work. I appreciate that candor. She’s the expert and so far, she’s always been right.

Take a look at my book covers and see for yourself, but when you do look, remember that all I did was give her an idea of the story. The rest is Fiona-magic. “

L.S. O’Dea

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