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Panic Point: Thriller Book Cover


  • Name : Elizabeth Cooper
  • Category : Digital Canvas , Thriller
  • Date : 25.03.2019


“As soon as I got the back cover wrap, I went straight to KDP to start the paperback process. Everything worked great that you sent. I appreciate your professionalism. I hear some indie authors complain about how hard it is to go through the publishing process. You made this easy for me.” – Bill Briscoe, author of Panic Point

When the love of his life goes missing, he’ll risk everything to find her.

After Earl’s bride vanishes in the Smoky Mountains on their honeymoon, the former Navy SEAL is certain she’s been abducted. Worse, a storm has washed away any potential evidence, and with nothing to go on, the park rangers call off the official search. Then another woman disappears in the same area. Can one last lead help Earl find Morgan before he loses her forever?

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